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No Nut November is an internet hype surrounding abstinence, with mostly male participants abstaining from masturbating or having an orgasm in the month of November. You can't cum for a whole month.

This is a loaded subject within sexology. It doesn't fit with the idea that you should be free with sex. It is healthy to have the freedom to have sex if you want to. Needing to stop with having sex or masturbation versus being addicted to one or either of them can be related to a difficult relationship with sex. Both are a form of compulsive behaviour. 

In addition, the positive effects of abstinence have not been demonstrated. On the contrary, the positive effects of regular sexual arousal and orgasms have been shown for body, mind and relationships.

Perhaps the positive effects that people report from No Nut November come from breaking ingrained behavioural patterns. Compare it to going on holiday: then you experience everything differently and often more intensely than when you are back at home (that delicious wine from that winegrower suddenly no longer tastes as special as in the sun on a terrace on vacation). Or the positive feeling that taking a different route to work can give you.

Basically it comes down to the fact that it is not known what No Fap or No Nut November does to you. What we do know is that it is healthy not to engage in sex compulsively. Compulsive sex or masturbation isn't nice, but compulsively trying to restrain yourself isn't necessary either.

If you wish to savour the moment when you are having sex or masturbating more or intensify the overall experience then there might be some other things to try: 

Prolonging foreplay

Foreplay is a crucial part in getting properly aroused but often overlooked or even completely ignored. Teasing yourself or your partner by simply touching different erogenous zones without going all the way immediately could help build the sexual tension and result in a more intense experience during intercourse or masturbation. 


When you enter the stage of having sex with yourself or your partner, edging, peaking or surfing is a sexual technique that involves controlling an orgasm. It involves maintaining a high level of sexual arousal for an extended period of time without reaching a climax. This way, when you eventually give in to having an orgasm the overall experience is much more intense. 

One product that might help prolong your experience is the Delay Gel from Aia*. This gel feels refreshing and the slightly cooling effect can help delay the climax and make you last longer. The product absorbs quickly into the skin and has a caring effect.

In the end, you need to do what feels right for you. But, if in ay case the reasoning behind abstinence or other forms of restraint is a troubled relationship towards sex it might be best to discuss this with a professional. 

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