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*intimate products that are worth displaying, instead of hiding them under your bed ;)

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fannie's favourites

Now we love all of our products, naturally, but every now and then there is a product that stands out or deserves a little extra attention. This is why we created Fannie's Favourites: a selection of our most favourite products which you can recognize by their special sticker.

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under or outerwear?

Lingerie so good, you just can't cover it up. Fannie offers lingerie from some of the finest brands with the most amazing designs. With pieces like these, you are guaranteed to steal the show.

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our favourite lubes

Moist. Need we say more? It is essential during intercourse, therefor Fannie offers  a wide variety of products that will do exactly that and some even a little  more to get you all the way there. 

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find your perfect vibe

Different shapes, colours and sizes (not to mention all the other features our toys have), it can be quite overwhelming at times! Especially when you are not quite sure what you are looking for in a vibrator. Not to worry, we got you: we made a quiz for you to find your perfect vibe. Success guaranteed ;)

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do the quiz and find your perfect vibe

Fannie is an allround intimacy concept store for women- to put it in other words: we are a one-stop shop for everything you could possibly need to have the best intimate experience.

At Fannie the main objective isn’t sex. Our concept revolves around intimacy which sex is a part of but not the main or only objective. We carry products for your Fannie's health as well as products for erotic purposes. Fannie offers a wide variety of products that will satisfy you from start to finish: "whether it is to clean or to clean up, to get sexy or to set the mood, we got you covered”.

We want you to flourish. In a time where everything is fast paced and we hardly take time for ourselves, we want you to slow down and discover your intimate needs. Meanwhile, we set up our shop to meet those needs seamlessly.

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