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The back-door; often overlooked or feared, but not when it is up to us! In this article we're giving this pleasure spot the attention it deserves and hopefully after reading all about it, you will too! Anal stimulation is something that can be universally applied; men, women and everyone in between can experience great pleasure by anal stimulation. So let's dive in!

all butts are included!

You might already know that for penis-owners, engaging the pleasure-inducing prostate gland can lead to intense orgasms from the rear. However, it does not stop at mind blowing orgasms from anal-stimulation for penis-owners alone; individuals of various anatomies and genders can also experience anal-based orgasms.

Anal orgasms are accessible to anyone willing to explore activities involving the buttocks. Achieving an anal orgasm entails stimulating different areas of the anus, whether by targeting the prostate internally or exploring the outer rim. Some individuals may also require simultaneous stimulation of their clitoris or penis to achieve orgasm. In essence, there are numerous approaches to experiencing an orgasm through anal stimulation.

Individuals who identify as cisgender men or were assigned male at birth possess a prostate, and in such instances, a buttock orgasm can be achieved by stimulating the prostate.

The P-spot can be stimulated by targeting the perineum, the stretch of skin between the testicles and the anus.
For a more direct touch, penetration through the anus, approximately two inches in, is required.

As for cisgender women and people assigned female at birth, the magic lies in the A-spot: Anal penetration indirectly activates the A-spot within the vagina. The A-spot, or anterior fornix for a more formal term, is situated deep inside the vagina, typically around 5 or 6 inches in.

This region is rich in sensually responsive nerve endings, capable of inducing rapid and significant arousal.

how to get started when trying anal-stimulation?

The initial stage involves cleansing. Maintaining cleanliness in the anal area is beneficial for both you and your partner. It serves as a considerate gesture to them and aids in relaxing your muscles, a crucial aspect of attaining anal pleasure, according to Josh Gonzalez, MD, a board-certified urologist with specialized training in Sexual Medicine, and Astroglide’s Resident Sexual Health Advisor.

If your feeling a bit nervous and tense about getting started with anal play, taking a hot bath might help! Not only will it release muscle tension which makes it a lot easier with anal penetration, it also helps you relax in the process. Keep in mind: if at any time you hesitate and feel like you are not ready or simply don't want to proceed with anal play, just stop. 

Once you've completed the hygiene routine, focus on setting the mood, as advised by Barbara Santini, a psychologist at Peaches and Screams. This step may include watching adult content, listening to soothing music, engaging in intimate moments with your partner, or any activity that arouses your desires.

Prior to involving a partner, take the time to explore your own preferences. According to Gonzalez, experimenting with a butt plug can help you understand the type of stimulation that works best for you. Whether it's penetration, such as using a finger or a butt plug, or the sensation of a vibrator around the anal opening, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to this experience.

Regardless of whether you're with a partner or alone, it's essential to always use lubrication.

how to achieve an anal-orgasm

For individuals with a vulva, there are several potential avenues to experience a butt-induced orgasm.

There are various different techniques to go about anal stimulation, including fingers, toys and penises. 

  • Come here. Slowly insert your lubed finger into the anus and curl your finger upward in a “come here” motion. Gradually increase the depth and speed — and, if desired, try inserting a second finger. Once you find a depth and pace that feels good, continue the motion and allow the pleasure to build.
  • Doorbell. From the inside or outside, find the spot that makes them go “oooh” with your finger and press your finger pad against it as if ringing a doorbell. Start with light pressure, gradually increasing the pressure and speed.
  • Circling. Rub the pad of your finger in a circular motion in the area of the A-spot or P-spot. Start circling the area slowly and gradually pick up the pace at your partner’s request — or based on their oohs and ahs. Play with pressure, as well as speed, to find the magic combo. 
  • (Simulated) vibration. A little hard on the wrist, but if you speed up any move fast enough you can simulate vibration. You can also opt for an actual vibrator with different vibe and pulse settings. Try out the different combos to find what works best. Up the vibration when climax is near to take things over the edge.
  • Depth. Experimenting with different penetration depths (whether it is by using fingers or anything else) when going anal is key in finding the right spot. Take it slow and be gentle to ensure the most comfortable experience. This is also a great way to explore the sensations of 'rimming'; a form of oral sex, used to stimulate the anus by kissing or licking of the outer edge (rim) of the anus. However, you could also try rimming when trying penetration with a toy or penis during anal. 
  • Combining. For an extraordinary orgasmic experience, combining anal stimulation with external clitoral stimulation is recommended. This way you can blend different types of orgasms.

positions to try during anal sex

A lot of sex positions can be altered into anal-friendly positions. Here are a few of our recommendations when it comes to venturing into anal play!


  1. Get on all fours and make sure your knees are hip-wide to create some 'working space'. 
  2. Have your partner kneel behind you OR extend your arm between your legs or over your back for some single play. 

On your side, one leg to your chest

  1. Lie on your side.
  2. Pull the upper leg upwards to your chest. 
  3. Have your partner kneel behind you OR Reach your arm backward to stimulate the anus by yourself.

products to try with anal sex

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anal might not get you pregnant, it can get you STD's

Small tears in the delicate skin in and around the anus increase the risk of transmission of STIs, that's why you always want to use protection even when going through the back-door!