how to measure your bra size at home - 2 easy steps

Posted by Annelotte Mul on

Buying lingerie online tricky? Not at all, with Fannie's help you will find out your right size within no time!

 What you will need:

  • Measuring tape
  • A mirror (not necessary but comes in handy)

 Step 1 – Band measurement: stand upright without a bra on and use a measuring tape to measure around your underbust (this is where the band of your bra would typically sit) and make sure the measuring take isn’t loose or tight but right in between.  

 Read your band measurement in the chart. 

Step 2 – Cup measurement: measure the circumference where the bust has the greatest volume (usually at the level of the nipple), once again the measuring tape shouldn’t be loose or tight but right in between.

 Read your cup size in the chart according to your band size. 

Happy bra shopping!

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