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Disclaimer: dildo’s are not vibrators!

Possibly one of the most intimidating categories for most of you out there, not because the vibrator itself is a scary thing (on the contrary), but the often overwhelming amount of options: rabbit bullets, air-stimulators, remote controlled vibrators, you name it (not to mention the variety of colour options most vibrators come in) can make it quite difficult to choose what is right for you.

But rest assured that after reading this guide you will know everything you need to know about vibrators.

When launching Fannie this was one of our major goals: making it understandable what the differences between the toys are and to give a curated selection of various vibrators.

external and/or internal stimulation

First and foremost: external and/or internal stimulation?

This preference is very personal and is the main specification amongst vibrators. Most women orgasm from external stimulation: about 95% (sometimes in combination with penetration). Only 5% of women orgasm internal stimulation. 

Clitoral stimulation: we have the widest variety of products for external stimulation, this is because this is the way to go for most women. 

Chi suction vibrator: A powerful arousal tool for fans of oral stimulation. Chi mimics the flutter of a tongue and the suction of a mouth, it creates thrilling pulses of air and a soft seal around your clitoris.

Pom flexible vibrator: Pom gives you broad or targeted stimulation with a powerful, rumbly motor. This vibrator can provide all over external vibrations when placed flat against your Fannie but can also be used for direct clitoral stimulation with the tip alone. 

Internal stimulation

Classic bullet: This silky soft classic bullet has a soft silicone tip for pin point stimulation. It comes with a free finger sleeve attachment for those who want a hands free experience. Because of its shape and size it can also be used internally.

Kit clitorus & g-spot vibrator: so we're kind of cheating with this one, because this one is a 2-in-1; it can be used for both external as well as internal stimulation. We tend to recommend this vibrator specifically for internal stimulation only because it is best for that (and there are better alternatives for external stimulation in our collection). The Kit get's bonus points for it's flexible body which allows you to find the perfect angle for stimulating the G-spot. 

Dual stimulation (simultaneous stimulation)

G-kii g-spot vibrator: The G-Kii is a unique vibrator with it's function of adjustability. The G-Kii has 2 independent motors, one in the head and one in the body. It also has  a wider clitoral stimulation area for dual stimulation.

Woody suction &  g-spot vibrator: Woody gives you everything you dream of all at once and is perfect for when you love both internal and external stimulation. Suction that feels like oral sex, deep penetrating vibrations and a pulsating pressure against your g-spot.

Kit clitorus & G-spot vibrator: We've already mentioned this one, but a pro-tip is to bend the vibrator all the way for dual stimulation ;)

speeds and patterns

The easiest way to explain this goes the following: you are on a treadmill you can choose to have the belt run at a certain speed (same goes for your vibrators with speed options) or you can choose to have an interval training instead (these will be the patterns on a vibrator). Most vibrators have speed options and some have the additional option of pattern options. Depending on how versatile you want your experience to be it might be of importance to you wether or not there is a pattern option available for your toy of liking.

waterproof vs. water-resistant

This characteristic doesn’t really say much about the functionality of the vibrator but might be of importance depending on where you like to use your sex toys; if you like to use your vibrators for some wet play in the shower or the tub you will need a waterproof toy. If you don’t necessarily plan to use your vibrator in a wet area, water-resistant will do!

practice makes perfect

We can explain the different types of vibrators as best as we can, but at the end of the day it is also a matter of preference. So start exploring and try different toys and types of stimulation to see what works for you!