how to build a sex room

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Netflix' new show 'How To Build A Sex Room' is a real hit and people are excited and inspired because of the latest series released by the streaming platform.

In 'How To Build A Sex Room' interior-designer Melanie Rose offers help to couples who want to spice up their sex-life en want a sex room to do so; essentially a room where couples can experiment en explore their sexuality, according to the trailer. Wether it is a shiny pole in the middle of the room, a sex swing or a wall full of whips and cuffs, sky is the limit. Melanie states the rooms are nowhere near tacky: "A sex room can be a real work of art", "A fantasy come true. In short, everything my clients dream of" she continues. 

Feeling inspired yet? Now you can be as exotic as you want with the concept of a sex room, but even with a few little tweaks and a little extra love for your love nest (aka sex room) you can take your intimate experiences to a whole new level! And we are going to tell you how to build a sex room at home.


First and foremost, where is this sex room going to be built? For the sake of convenience (since generally speaking most people don't just have a spare room at hand), we are going to take the bedroom as our sex room (quite practical because this is where most people are having sex anyway).

clear the clutter

Bedrooms easily turn into part-time (or even full-time) closets, laundry areas, study/work area etc. That's not what this room is about. Make these clothes and clutter are cleared (or at least out of sight).

the bed

Everything starts with a good foundation, so make sure you have some quality bedding that is also aesthetically complimentary to the room. Fannie offers some prime bedding from Crisp Sheets, in various colours to match your style.

Now there is way more to accessorise your bed with: restraints. Think of silk ties, ropes or chains (depending on your preference) on the opposite ends of the bed; attach them to your headboard and bed legs or to the slatted base and pull them out from underneath.


What we definitely don't want in your future sex room is harsh lighting, we want it to be sensual; work with one or various small lights (dimmable is a plus!) and candles. In the candle department we can help you to set the mood with Candier's scented candles. Or if you want to go that extra mile opt for the scented massage candle from Knude Society; this candle doubles as a heated massage oil once the wax is melted.

multiple 'seating' areas

In case there is space for it, adding an extra area where you can get it on can add to the overall experience in the room and make it a bit more dynamic. Look for chairs or chaise longues without armrests so you have the ability to move around on it. You can go as wild as a rocking chair or a curved seat, whatever you want.


Now there are tons of options to spice things up when it comes to actually having sex; a stimulating gel can get you excited but a vibrator can get you (and your partner) all the way. No matter wat you prefer, Fannie has got it covered; in our 'Potions' section we have a selection of lubes and stimulators that can be used either with toys or without. Now sticking with that topic, toys, Fannie has many variations; external (ex. Dame Products - Pom flexible vibrator), internal (ex. Je Joue - Classic bullet) and multi use vibrators (ex. Je Joue - G-kii g-spot vibrator), remote controlled (ex. Lelo - Lyla 2 remote control vibrator) and for partner play (Je Joue - Mio cock ring).

suitable attire

And of course, you want to look the part too. In our Lingerie section, Fannie has a wide variety of styles and colours. The set obviously doesn't have to match the sex room, switch around with the looks as much as you want to match your mood. Our current collection has some neon styles from Maison Close as well as a beautiful navy satin and lace set (with a matching choker!), and some gorgeous pieces from Leon, handmade from Ukraine.

Endless possibilities right? Now that you know how to built a sex room, it is up to you to go and build that sex room. Start with the little things or go all out right away, whatever you desire.