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about fannie

Fannie was founded in 2021 by a 22-year old woman in Amsterdam. She  always wanted to be an entrepeneur and determined to bring something  new to the table. When the pandemic was in full speed ahead we took time  to slow down and focus more on ourselves, this sparked the idea of a  concept around intimate welness for women. 

To date, women have not been able to go to a store that is attractive and  where their intimate needs are central. The current offer is often  intimidating, and the emphasis in many shops is on sex rather than on  intimacy and intimate well-being as a whole.  

We are here to bring out the best in every woman and to maximalize your  intimate experience. We want to normalize female intimacy; our goal is not  to add shock value. Instead, we want to put people at ease with topics that  are still considered taboo in our society (body image, intimate needs, - health and – desires) and start the conversation.