user manual arc

We want your experience with Arc to be as smooth as possible right from the start, that's why we've created this (visual) guide to explain to you all there is to know about this vibrating buddy!

introducing arc

This vibrator offers three kinds of stimulation: external suction, g-spot pulsations & internal vibrations.

The flexible design allows you to find the angle that is most comfortable and pleasurable for it's user.

This vibrator makes it possible for its user to combine different kinds of orgasms: clitoral orgasm + G-spot orgasm + orgasm by penetration.

getting started

Wheter you are intending to use Arc by yourself or with a partner, we recommend using Arc by yourself first, before introducing it in partner play.

This way you can explore what you like and what works best for you, which allows you to communicate your intimate needs better with a partner in the future!

Make sure Arc is fully charged before getting it on, because nobody likes their vibrator to die down on them mid-play 😉

using arc

The possibilities are endless with this toy. You can explore all the features at once or pick and choose the features that really turn you on by operating them seperately.

The head of the toy mimics the sensation of oral sex by using air pressure with a built in mechanic tongue that makes a fluttering movement.

Halfway on the shaft of Arc is a built in G-spot stimulator; this part pulsates internally on your G-spot. T

he end of the toy vibrates internally.

speeds & patterns

The functions of this toy can be operated separately, and have various vibration patterns:

Air pressure head: 5 frequencies

G-spot stimulator: 5 frequencies

Vibrating end: 10 frequencies

Run Time: Around 50Mins-60Mins
Charge Time: Around 2H
Warranty: 1 year