user manual pebble

We want your experience with Pebble to be as smooth as possible right from the start, that's why we've created this (visual) guide to explain to you all there is to know about this vibrating buddy!

introducing pebble

Pebble is cute, compact and versatile! This external vibrator is meant to stimulate the clitoris, scrotum or any other erogenous zone. It's flexible body allows for the most comfortable and snug fit possible.

Pebble gives you broad or targeted stimulation with a powerful, rumbly (but quiet) motor.

Pebble moves to the beat of your body. With no internal body, it’s soft and bendable enough to conform to your hip movements and snuggle close to your vulva 💓

getting started

Wheter you are intending to use Pebble by yourself or with a partner, we recommend using Pebble by yourself first, before introducing it in partner play.

This way you can explore what you like and what works best for you, which allows you to communicate your intimate needs better with a partner in the future!

Make sure Pebble is fully charged before getting it on, because nobody likes their vibrator to die down on them mid-play 😉

using pebble

Pebble is ergonomic and nestles within the palm of your hand. It has tactile, intuitive controls for a confusion-free experience. Move it around within the palm of your hands and freestyle.

The shape of the toy gives you either broad or targeted stimulation depending on which side you use; use the pointy side for more intense, targeted stimulation or use the wider part of the body for evenly distributed sensations.

Make sure to clean Pebble properly afterwards to prevent yeast infections! We also recommend cleaning your toy after you haven't used it for a while before using it.

speeds &patterns

Pebble has multiple speed and frequency settings which allow you to customise how you use Pebble!

3 speeds

4 frequencies

Run Time: Around 60 Mins -80 Mins
Charge Time: Around 1.5H
Warranty: 1 year